Web Design Agency

Ice Development is a company specialising in the development of specific IT applications. We are focused on the study and deployment of information systems with high technological added value.

With more than 700 projects to its credit, both on connected systems (Internet, Intranet and Extranet) and “classic” n-tier applications, particularly client/server. Ice Development has developed and built up the loyalty of more than 400 customers since its creation. Innovation, creativity and energy have always been the guiding principles behind our actions.

In a difficult economic climate and a highly volatile market, Ice Development is developing its business by constantly winning new customers and building up the loyalty of those who have placed their trust in us for 23 years now.

From the outset, the company’s rigorous vision has enabled it to keep in step with its customers. We have always kept a “cool head,” even during the frenzy of the early Internet boom period.

Ice Development is first and foremost a united and passionate team. Continuous technical innovation in our 2 core businesses and constant attention to our customers’ needs enable us to keep in constant touch with our market.
Our aim is to offer the quality and rigour of large IT services companies to small and medium-sized businesses, while bringing the creativity and responsiveness of a small organisation, at affordable prices.
Our best influencers are our customers!

Because of our “Tech agency” positioning, we cover a very broad spectrum and can take on projects as varied as the development of a corporate website or the creation of industry-specific software subject to draconian standards, as was the case for projects on which we obtained approval from the American health authorities.

Listening to our customers and bringing our passion to bear on your projects are the keys to success that we’ll be happy to share with you.