Project management

Project management: adapted and controlled

By putting in place the stages that make up your web project, together with our staff’s perfect knowledge of it, we can offer you the best possible project management. This need was born out of an observation common to all application developments that we have observed in our individual and shared experiences. Simple concepts such as meeting deadlines and keeping costs down and adapting objectives to needs are basic postulates for our quality approach.
Our real ambition is to offer our customers a vision of their project that is tailored to their needs.
This is achieved through two key concepts: people and methods.
Project management for us is primarily based on the people who are responsible for it. Our project managers make themselves available to our customers. These managers are supported by staff who can respond to our customers’ requirements at any time.

Our project approach

The approach presented here is designed to be adaptable to the needs and prerequisites of each project.
There’s no point in setting up a cumbersome and overly complex project environment, which would eventually be impossible for everyone to follow. We would lose the clear and adapted vision of the projects in progress.

Functional analysis and design

All our projects begin with a listening process to identify user requirements, the final objectives of the application and how best to integrate them into the customer’s business environment. To do this, we use an analysis and management method based on UML. In addition to its quality advantage, this method offers perfect integration with the object-oriented developments that will be carried out on the project.
As the definition of this method is very detailed, mastering it allows us to extract the essence that is useful for the project in hand. At the end of this task, our aim is to provide clair and precise documents on the business organisation approaches that result from any software package implementation. These organisational proposals have the enormous advantage of being completely adaptable and moduar for the rest of the project, whatever it may be. All organisational proposals can only be justified if they are adapted to real needs. Implementing a software package is never a simple matter, and we believe it is important to define the strategy and objectives from the outset. After all, how many software packages do we know of that have been developed so far removed from user requirements and without any support for their integration…?

Detailed analysis

Obviously, a software package is still an IT tool, which means that precise technical documents need to be drawn up. These documents define the appropriate resources required for development.
This stage is often seen as one in which contact between the customer and the service provider is complex, because it requires a rigorous approach that is specific to the provision of services. However, starting from this premise, we are putting in place communication tools that make this business method accessible, offering regular feedback and leaving plenty of room for dialogue and constructive criticism of the work carried out. From this phase emerges an analysis file containing technical specifications that will be the basis and reference for the technical objectives of the software package.

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