Custom website development and business applications

Developing or redesigning your application is a strategic choice that will determine the growth and even the long-term future of your business. Ice Development will work with you to examine the challenges of your project and the resulting functional choices.

Functional and technical study

Ice Development recommends a study phase prior to any technical development.

This is a complete deliverable whose purpose is to formalize all the functional elements making up your future tool :

  • Use case
  • Process
  • Data flow
  • Storyboard
  • Ergonomy

Various development scenarios are proposed, along with estimates and associated completion schedules.

The technologies

Guaranteeing the success of your project means implementing methods designed to keep it on time, on budget and to the expected quality.

Stability, performance and openness

When choosing which technologies to use, Ice Development favours :

  • Reliable and proven
  • High-performance
  • Adapted to the flow of data to be managed, but also capable of supporting future load increases
  • Capable of interacting, if necessary, with third-party tools

Long-term, offering :

  • Support over time, covering the lifespan of the software to be developed
  • Scalability that will not prevent future needs from being covered.

It is for these reasons that Ice Developement is committed to a policy of technology watch and staff training.

Maintenance & upgrading

Which technology should you choose, depending on the scope and use cases planned for your site? We offer you our skills in the technologies most widely used in the web world.

Maintenance, management, staff delegation

Ice Development is committed to a long-term partnership with its customers and tailors its level of service to the specific needs of each project.
The aim is to take into account an essential aspect of your project: its perpetual evolution.

Ice Development offers a graduated range of services, depending on the frequency of interventions and the scale of the changes:

  • Maintenance tickets for one-off operations
  • In-house development for regular and more significant work
  • Staff delegation for larger-scale operations that require the presence of one of our technicians alongside your staff

Development is complete, you’ve just validated your functional model ?

The site is ready to go live, and we can now get down to work

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