Design, Graphic creation

Logo, business cards, letterheads... An Internet project is often an opportunity to revamp your visual identity. Ice Development doesn't just support you on the web!

Your supports in your image

Sensitive to your relationship with your clients and partners, your visual identity must be regularly renewed and in harmony with all your communication means.

Our artistic direction is at your disposal to translate your company’s values into images and apply them to your administrative and commercial supports.

Responsive WebDesign

For several years now, Ice Development has been creating mobile-friendly interfaces based on the principles of Responsive WebDesign.
Responsive WebDesign means that your website can be viewed on different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) with the same visual comfort, as the site automatically adapts to the device on which it is read.

For example :, a site we created ourselves. We invite you to open it from a PC and from a Smartphone. You’ll see that the design is evolving to offer a pleasant browsing experience for mobile users.

Broadcast & Interactivity

Don’t hesitate to exploit the potential of new technologies to modernise your communications and optimise your customer relations.

Electronic greetings cards, newsletters, mailings…

Attractiveness of the medium, elimination of printing costs, reduction in distribution costs, clean delivery, be innovative in your communications by swapping paper for digital.

Tracking prospects, collecting information, evaluating your actions, be efficient in your marketing actions by exploiting the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Dynamism & Attractiveness

Events, training seminars, tutorials, multimedia presentations – there’s no better way to liven up your content.

Innovative and compelling media

By breaking free from network constraints, off-line multimedia offers a wide variety of technologies to exploit: Flash animations, videos, 2D or 3D modelling.

This means you can create dynamic and attractive communication media: configurators, educational content, catalogues on CD, etc.

Has the graphic design of your website been approved?

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