1989 www Birth of the web
2004 Web 2.0
2012 RWD Responsive Web Design
HTML / CSS / JS integration

Integration, also known as HTML cutting, is the stage that follows validation of your graphic charter.
During this stage, our integrators bring your site to life by transforming simple images into an interactive menu, an animated slider (carousel), or even vector icons that change colour when a link is hovered over.

It’s at this point in the creation of your website that we pay particular attention to the points below.

Compliance with standards

W3C HTML/CSS standards

Compliance with W3C standards ensures that your site has a solid framework for displaying correctly everywhere and over the long term.

Accessibility standards

On request, Ice Development can integrate ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) accessibility standards into your website.

Preparing for natural referencing

Respecting the structure

Respecting a logical structure is an important point for good referencing of your web content. This is one of Google’s recommendations to which we pay close attention.

Preparation of meta tags

As soon as your content is integrated, we put in place the tags that are essential for good referencing and for sharing your content (meta-description, canonical, title, meta-og, etc.).

Micro data

To improve the rendering of your results in Google and therefore make you more visible, we integrate micro data into your site.


Respect for good web practices

The position of the logo, the style of links, explicit call-to-actions and the airiness of texts are all points that are deeply rooted in our working practices.

Respect for good mobile practices

On mobile, the constraints are different. You need to allow easy navigation (buttons and text of sufficient size) and get to the point to be effective.

Media optimisation for optimum loading speed

Right from the integration stage, we bear in mind that a slow site is not effective site. That’s why we optimise every piece of media and every line of HTML, CSS or JS code to ensure that loading times are as short as possible.

Have you finished integrating your site?

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