Joomla website development (CMS )

With the Joomla solution, you can have a fully customisable site at a lower cost.

What can a site using the Joomla CMS achieve?

  • An original design
  • A site optimised for search engine optimisation
  • Fully editable dynamic content
  • Create new pages easily (by copying an existing page, for example)
  • Quickly upload new images or videos
  • Localise (translate) your website easily
  • Members-only access to certain pages or content

Chasing preconceived ideas

Joomla sites all look the same
It’s not true !
Ice Development creates templates (page models) adapted to your image. Your website will thus be unique !

It is very difficult to add content to a Joomla site.
It’s not true !
You don’t need any advanced technical skills to create new pages, and the articles are formatted in the same way as a Word document. Ice Development will support and train you in the use of Joomla, and our teams are always on hand to help.

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