Symfony, a PHP framework for creating custom websites

The use of a framework (toolbox) enables our developers to work efficiently within a well-structured framework where each component of your site has a clearly defined place.

Thanks to Symfony, Ice Development can develop your specific websites with a solid, scalable structure.
The aim is to harmonise developments and ensure that whatever your development needs, we can meet them without technical constraints and at an optimised cost.

Why have we chosen Symfony to develop your specific websites?

Symfony makes development easier

Management of the cache, users (administrator, editors, members, customers, etc.), errors, forms, translation and graphics has been greatly simplified.
This enables us to respond easily to complex specific requirements (intranet, e-commerce site, software package, analysis and reporting tools, decision support tools, etc.) based on a thin web client (Internet browser).

Increased security

Symfony gives your applications a solid foundation in terms of site security.

A structure using the MVC principle

MVC (Model View Controller) is a working concept that is highly recommended and widely tried and tested at Ice Development.
The principle is : divide and conquer.
Specifically, for a website, the idea is to separate the model (database), from the view (graphical interface ) and the controller (the computer program that links the database and the graphic charter).

Let’s take a classic example: you want to change the graphic identity of your site following a logo change.



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