A complete range

Ice Development is committed to providing its customers with a vertical offering covering all web and development activities. This is why we have chosen to host our customers' sites and applications on our own servers.

Reliability & performance for your website and email hosting

Creation and management of domain names, mail packages, disk space, bandwidth flow, shared or dedicated server…

Ice Development will work with you on all these aspects and advise you on the best technical solution for your needs.

Ongoing supervision and monitoring of your data flows, data volumes and associated flows enables us to anticipate any necessary changes and suggest a technical configuration that is constantly being adjusted for optimum performance.

Essential responsiveness

The 24/7 accessibility of your application is an essential condition for the smooth operation of your activity, whatever it may be.

Controlling the tools

As the owner of its hosting servers, Ice Developement has full control over their maintenance and any interventions it may need to carry out.

Three of the team’s technicians are on call at all times, including weekends, to deal with emergencies on our machines.

This system guarantees our customers:

  • A single point of contact in charge of development and operation, so that in the event of a malfunction we have a complete overview of the technical issues involved
  • A recovery time of less than 4 hours in the event of an interruption in connectivity (contractual guarantee).

Availability & security

Ice Development relies on two connectivity partners to connect its servers to the network: COLT Télécom and Free.

Standards & interconnection

Our managed data services and reliable hosting give you the peace of mind and data security you need to boost your business.

Our shared and dedicated servers, located on two separate sites, under constant surveillance and in secure premises, guarantee the integrity of your data.

As part of its hosting service, Ice Development provides its customers with a number of administration and reporting tools.

Settings and dashboards

Our hosting service comes with administration and statistics tools that allow you to :

  • Manage your email flows independently (create mailboxes, manage aliases)
  • Visibility into the flow of visits to your website (no. of pages visited, no. of unique visitors per day, week, month, year, origin of visitors, etc)
  • for WordPress sites Weekly updates of the theme, extensions and WordPress itself.

Collaborative or traditional messaging

We offer our customers 3 types of messaging depending on their needs and current infrastructure :